Research Project

Project. 1 Biofunctional Materials by Glycopolymer

Bioactive saccharides on the cell surfaces play important roles in the living system such as cell-cell adhesion and infection of pathogens. We have functionalized saccharides with polymers, as glycopolymers. We have developed the biofunctional materials to inhibit various diseases such as Alzheimer disease and food poisoning from E.coli O-157. We also developed multifunctional glycopolymers with living radical polymerization.

Project. 2 Development of Biointerface

Biomolecular recognitions occurs on the cell surfaces. Cell surfaces, which have an accurate architecture, can regulate the biomolecular signal. By preparation of an artificially regulated surface, it is possible to regulate the bio-signal and control the function of peptides, or cells. it is also possible to prepare the biosensors by combining biointerface and electrochemistry, or photochemistry.